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Recent update: May 10, 2008.

In this section you are able to download current and all previous versions of RPG.XLS engine and, in the future, the latest version of the game. These alpha versions have limited functionality and are not very user-proof, but they can give you some flavor of the future game. Have a good time testing DzikoSoft RPG engine.

May 10, 20090.75-alpha0.75-alpha version of RPG.XLS Engine features RPG Skillset, trading system and few other additions.rpgxls075a.zip (602kb)
Jan 31, 20090.73-alphaThis version allows travelling between locations. There are also some useable items and self-updating journal.rpgxls073a.zip (554kb)
Oct 22, 20080.70-alphaCompletely rewritten engine - new mouse and keyboard interface, dialogues, inventory, examine functions. This is the first alpha version that uses routines from the actual game.rpgxls070a.zip (381kb)
Feb 28, 20080.60-alphaAdded basic inteactions and inventory management.rpgxls060a.zip (168kb)
Nov 27, 20070.55-alphaAdded conversations (dialogue trees) engine.rpgxls055a.zip (102kb)
Sep 03, 20070.50-alphaVery basic movemement engine to test graphics and area map.rpgxls050a.zip (87kb)

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