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Last updated: October 13, 2006.

Snake games are quite popular among Excel Game developers. My Library included five variants of Snake when I decided to make my own game. The reasons behind popularity of this arcade are straightforward: snake games are simple and addictive, there are also relatively easy to implement. You can download DzikoSoft Snaked by clicking on the link below:

Download Snaked Game (172kb)

My Snaked workbook includes two games. In Classic Snake, snake body grows when it eats the fruit, and difficulty settings affect snake's movement speed. Snake Labyrinth is inspired by old arcade I played very long time ago - the task is to collect all items on the board, and snake body growth with time. Difficulty settings affect the rate of growth. Snaked requires Excel 2000 or latter version.

Classic Snake

Snaked differs from other snake games in the fact that snake moves over worksheet background image - it can produce quite interesting effects. Game worksheets are unprotected - try to embed your own pictures using MS EXcel Format > Sheet > Background. I wander whether someone is able to guess what is shown on the background for Classic Snake game. The person who will email me the first correct guess will be credited on Snaked page.

The code of Snaked is unprotected, so you may also the code Workbook_Open event to determine which images to load. I did not try to optimize the code - it is rather unsophisticated, yet maybe you will find something useful there. Note that saving the workbook with loaded images drastically increase the size of the XLS file - it seems that Excel stores backgrounds as uncompressed bitmaps.

Snake Labyrinth

You may also add new levels or edit existing ones for Snake Labyrinth - levels are stored below Row 80 of the worksheet. Game automatically reads new levels, recognizes the borders and jewels. Four numbers in the first row of level map indicates initial Y, X position of snake's head and Y, X direction, for example, sequence 16, 16, 0, -1 means that snake's head is in the center of the board and the snake will move to the left. Ssssss… enjoy the game!