Here is my constantly updated collection of links covering large variety of subjects. Some are more-or-less connected to the theme of my site, like Excel Forums, Excel Resources or Role Playing Games, some are added for various other reasons. I did not intend to cover every imaginable site in every section, but rather the reasonable quantity of the most interesting ones: Excel Forums / Excel Resources / Computer Role Playing Games / Web Design / Gambling Research / Miscellaneous

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Excel Forums

MrExcel Consulting Message Board - a very vivid Excel community, sometimes you can get answer to your questions within minutes. More than million replies in its section devoted to Excel/VBA Question.
Forum at Ozgrid.Com - site run by Dave and Rana Hawley. Good coverage of Excel/VBA issues as well as useful sub-forums for other MS Office applications.
Excel Help Forum at Joseph Rubin’s EXCELTIP.COM – this forum has inteface with microsoft.public.excel.* newsgroups.

Excel Resources

Lots of useful resources are available at sties that host Excel Forums listed above - MrExcel, Ozgrid and EXCELTIP. Additionally, I recommend the following resources:

The Spreadsheet Page by John Walkenbach - the author of Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA and other famous Excel books.
Stephen Bullen's Excel Page.
Excel Web Source at Pearson Software Consulting, LLC - Chip Pearson's site.
XL-Logic - a cool Excel site by Aaron Blood. Be sure to check its Fun & Games section.
AJP Excel Information - Andy J. Pope's website, lot of useful tips and downloads, especially regarding charting techniques.
Vertex42's Excel Nexus - best directory of Excel Links, lot of Excel templates to dowload.
Carlos Rondão's Page - several neat Excel games and many useful tests for students (in Portuguese).
Colo's Excel Junk Room - Masaru Kaji's interesting site with many Excel-related resources like HTML Maker (display worksheet on message Board).
Andrew's Excel Tips – Adrew Engwirda's site with many useful tips, downloads and a Blog.

Computer Role Playing Games

RPG Dot - a very large site with lot of resources, interviews, rankings, game patches and much more. Very good source for the latest RPG news.
RPG Watch - this new site is run by people who left RPGDot to create new independent website. Current version looks promising.
RPG Vault at IGN. They seem to be more focused on MMORGPS now, but the occasionally publish valuable interviews with RPG developers.
Game Banshee - while not exclusively devoted to Role Playing Games, Game Banshee features many sub-sites for the best known CRPGs with walkthroughs, FAQs, news, downloads and screenshots.
The Order of the Stick - huge and amusing AD&D related comic, great diversion for RPG fans. Updated three times a week.
Disco Inferno of RPG Sites - The RPG Codex. A forum for intelligent, deep, and merciless discussion on game design and current trends in CRPGs. For hardcore RPG fans only!

Web Design Resources

Here are some useful sites with web design resources I found helpful while building my site.

GRSites - a very large collection of free textures and fonts grouped by categories and other resources.
Realm Graphics - nice site with good collection of free textures, buttons and icons.
Specialty Fonts by FontCat and FontWitch - good collection of different free True Type fonts.
Dave Kristula's Site - well written interactive tutorial for HTML, CSS and Web Site Creation.
RichInStyle - very detailed guides for HTML and CSS and useful list of bugs and compatibility issues for older web browsers.
Web Hosting Talk - large forum to discuss web hosting related issues, from buying a small shared account up to running your own web hosting business.

Gaming Research and Responsible Gambling

Apart from my interest in MS Excel as a hobby and my occupation as an economic analyst, I am also a scientist, a so-called gambling researcher, the only one of that kind in my country - Poland. It is possible that you come to DzikoSoft by accident, searching for my work on gambling or looking for advice on gambling related topics. The choice of links below comprises the collection of useful sites related to studies of gambling industry, gambling behavior and responsible gambling.

Journal of Gambling Issues - a very good source for latest trends in gambling research.
Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at University of Nevada, Reno. This Institute published valuable gambling books and every three years organizes biggest gambling research event - International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking.
Centre for Gaming Research at University of Las Vegas, Reno. This site is run by Dave G. Schwartz, well-recognized expert in the history and sociology of gambling.
European Association for the Study of Gambling.
Responsible Gambling Council, Ontario. Its weekly published Newscan constitutes a very good source on latest news in the filed of responsible gambling.
The Wizard of Odds. Comprehensive Explanation of the Mathematics of Casino Games.


DOSBox: if you loved (I did!) those old-school, extremely playable DOS games from the late 1980s and early 1990s, DOSBox is the answer to your nostalgia. Wonderful DOS emulator allows you to play your favorite oldies on modern operating systems.
Association of Shareware Professionals: if you would like to become a shareware developer, this is a place to visit at the very beginning. Among many interesting things, you could learn there about very useful PAD file format.

Excel Forums / Excel Resources / Role Playing Games / Web Design / Gambling Research / Miscellaneous

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