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Last updated: December 15, 2006.

Simplest games are probably the most addictive, that was one of the reasons to make GMEX Copter. My benchmarking article inspired me to experiment with shapes and I also tested how cell borders may be utilized in excel games. As a result, I made a simple helicopter game in Excel, with graphics based on animating shapes and altering cell borders.

GMEX Copter

The concept is very simple - fly as long as you can avoid hitting the walls and make sure not to run out of fuel - collect fuel tanks scattered all over the way. All it fits in one worksheet with unprotected code:

Download GMEX Copter Game (40kb)

I put some comments into the macros - see code for worksheet "Copter", there are no standard modules. You may try to experiment with some settings, especially regarding difficulty: adjust frame speed, change variable used for cave generating algorithm and so on.

If you consider base version of GMEX Copter too easy, you could make it insanely difficult by adjusting one or a few variables. An interesting exercise would be to change the keyboard control model for the game, like adding more velocity or different gravity effects.

The game features a useful Boss Key, and the "Copter" worksheet will also work when copied to any other workbook (with a different color palette, however). So play the game as it is, or experiment with its code and objects. Email me if you have any comments or would like to propose some improvements.

Have a long flight!