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First version: Sep 12, 2006. Update Nov 12, 2007.

Update 12 Nov 2007: ver. 1.03: Since the game becomes difficult on later stages, some player ask for the possibility to skip levels. In the new version, after completing levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 you will receive a password that allows to start the game from the respective level.

Princess Excelya has been kidnapped by evil sorcerer Calculor. She is imprisoned below twenty-five levels of underground maze, and Calculor plans to sacrifice her to bloodthirsty demons! King VisBasicus has chosen you, a brave wizard, to rescue Excelya. Harry up! You don't have much time!

Find you way in the maze filled with deadly obstacles. Navigate between cannon firing magic missiles, and disable powerful force fields. Avoid nasty monsters like giant spiders, fallen stars and demons. Find keys to open locked doors and use bombs to destroys rocks that block your way. And it all awaits you in... the cells of Excel worksheet.

Calculor's Dungeon Level 03

Calculor's Dungeon is written entirely with MS Excel Visual Basic - about 50kb of VBA code. Its graphics is generated by manipulating content of worksheet cells and workbook color palette. With the help of different Wingdings and Webdings fonts and operations on cells interior and borders, I was able to create this old-style graphics which is, as any worksheet, easily scaled to the resolution of your system.

This workbook is a tribute to the old-school games of late 1980s, from the era of 8-bit computers - games that were very simple but extremely playable, challenging and addictive. Calculor's Dungeon is also a part of DzikoSoft GMEXCEL project and was made to demonstrate the power of VBA and astonishing versatility of MS Excel.

Calculor's Dungeon Level 05

In order to run the game you need Excel 2000 or latter version and Macros enabled - it should run fine on older systems (I tested in on my four-year old notebook with Mobile P4 1.8 GHz processor). You can download Calculor's Dungeon by clinking on the link below:

Download Calculor's Dungeon (248kb)

Calculor's Dungeon is a freeware game. You can distribute it as long as it is not modified and no money is charged. If you like to share your thoughts about my game or DzikoSoft site in general, please email me. Your feedback is appreciated. Have a good time playing Calculor's Dungeon!