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Last update: August 13, 2008.

Alan Chapman's Tutorial:
Creating Your Own Game in Excel

Alan Chapman, the creator of ingenious SimpleRPG, has recently released the first two parts of the Tutorial "Creating Your Own Games in Excel". The tutorial is written for absolute beginners, with very detailed explanation of game design and introduction to VBA game programming.

Tutorial pages

I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to write a game in Excel, but does not feel skilled enough to do so. Part 1 covers basic concepts and simple exemplary game. Part 2 shows how to make the game look more professional.

Download Part 1 of Alan Chapmanís Tutorial (574kb)

Download Part 2 of Alan Chapmanís Tutorial (394kb)

Click on the link below to visit Alanís homepage containing his games, tutorials, and other interesting stuff:

Alan Chapman's Page

There is also a thread to discuss about the Tutorial at DzikoSoft Forum.

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