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Last updated Aug 13, 2010 - new games added to Library.

Welcome to the Excel Gaming Pages or simply GMEXCEL. This place was created to provide resources for Excel VBA Game programmers, discuss Excel gaming and encourage the development of new entertaining workbooks. GMEXCEL consists of three categories: Game Libraries, VBA Programmers Tips & Tricks, and the Essays in Excel Gaming.

Now, you can also discuss Excel Games and GMEXCEL articles at our new DzikoSoft Forum.

GMEXCEL Libraries: 160+ Excel Games!

Excel Games Library (Alphabetic)

Excel Games Library (Categorized Version)

Excel Video Poker

VBA Game Programmers Tips & Tricks

(New!) August 2008
Creating Your Own Game in Excel
(by Alan Chapman)

October 2007
Introduction to Animated Charts

January 2007
Excel Picture Links

December 2006 (Updated: July 2007)
Benchmarking Excel Gaming Rig

November 2006
Excel Games and Versions of Excel

November 2006
Cell Animation in Excel: Basic Principles

Wingdings Warrior

Note: in addition to GMEXCEL articles, game programmers may find some useful tips and discussion at Engine Design section of RPG.XLS Project.

Essays in Excel Gaming

December 2007 (Updated: March 2009)
Codeless Excel Fun

December 2006
XCells Creative Art

November 2006
Excel Games: Some Thoughts and Figures

September 2006
Why Excel? An Essay in Excel Gaming

Shape Spaceship

I want GMEXCEL to expand in the directions based on your feedback. If you have any suggestions, want to share your experience with Excel entertainment or contribute to GMEXCEL please contact me at:

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